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Keeper Security

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Multi-Channel Synergy Drives Keeper Security Campaign Success

"In a strategic collaboration with Keeper Security, we orchestrated a multi-layered advertising campaign featuring Linus Tech Tips, a leading technology influencer. The campaign incorporated various advertising strategies across different channels, each tailored to specific audience segments and goals. From implementing targeted discount codes to crafting a bespoke landing page, every facet of the campaign was meticulously planned to drive engagement and conversions.


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Elevating Subscription Revenues Through Premium YouTube Influencers

Through a meticulously executed partnership with Factor, we leveraged the power of high-caliber influencers in a targeted YouTube pre-roll advertising campaign. The emphasis on premium, brand-safe influencers resonated with Factor's target audience, contributing to a significant uptick in subscription-based revenue. Our data-driven approach ensured that each advertisement was not only engaging but also finely tuned to encourage conversions. The campaign exemplifies our prowess in fusing platform-specific strategies with influencer marketing to achieve measurable, high-impact results.

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